Doing Your Wedding Day Differently

We have experienced some amazing weddings in our time… Long ones, short ones, white weddings, traditional weddings, weddings with hundreds of guests, elopements with only immediate family and each and every single one is a precious story to us. A story that will never be told again… (unless you have a video!) But of all these incredible celebrations, the ones that become lasting memories to us (and the guests attending) are definitely the ones that are done with a bit of jazz. The ones where the bride and groom weren’t afraid to be true to exactly who they are. Mixing it up with stuff like first looks, an upside down, wrong way round schedule, two wedding gowns, a Downton Abby/Star Wars themed reception, etcetera etcetera. It can really be anything! We love these weddings because the reflection of the couple’s story is true and authentic. They are also exciting, we love not knowing what’s coming next. Don’t be afraid to do WHATEVER you want to do on your big day. It’s yours and it’s forever and you want it to match up with your heart.

Take a look at some cool, different weddings below to get some inspiration!


Kevin & Daliah

Rudi & Ania

Rohan & Ansi

Matthew & Kristyn

Gawie & Deirdre

Chris & Bianca

How to Choose Your Wedding Videographer

We collaborated with the awesome Southbound Bride to bring you the Top 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Videographer.

"Video doesn’t just capture moments in time, but time itself. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, but it feels like it’s over in the blink of an eye. Most couples will tell you that they wish they could experience it again. Videography captures your story and wedding-day moments in all their glory, from start to finish. Whole and complete, quality moments, 25 photos per second of video. Voices, expressions and emotions are captured fully and artistically. Choosing to have a wedding video means that you can watch your wedding day happen again, in motion, before your eyes."