Barefeet Videography | Cassie & Nicki
Barefeet's approach to videography is down-to-earth, raw and authentic. We strive to capture your wedding day in all it’s natural splendour- with equipment, shooting and editing techniques that show the true story of your wedding day without frills, but with a fairy tale-like quality.
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Cassie & Nicki

About This Project

Cassie and Nicki are full of an incredible zest for life! And an even bigger passion for each other. They have such a beautiful energy and willingness and they made us feel honoured and at-home on their big day. We enjoyed their hearts and how they “milked” their wedding day! They did every conceivable thing that could be done on their big day and we just enjoyed every minute of the excitement and celebration. What an awesome experience this was for us! We wish you the most beautiful marriage Nicki and Cassie, and may it always be absolute joy for you!.