Down-to-earth Wedding Films.

We believe that the place where you stand and choose to commit your whole self to another person for life is Holy Ground. Two hearts become one and the deepest and most complete connection with each other and God is made. We long to capture this connection in the most precious way.

Our Approach to Videography is Down-to-earth, Raw and Authentic.

We strive to capture your wedding day in all it’s natural splendour – with equipment, shooting and editing techniques that show the true story of your wedding day without frills, but with a fairy tale-like quality.

We believe that a relaxed and happy bride and groom make for perfect footage of your unforgettable day. We just love to get personally involved in your story and always leave truly touched with a wonderful tale to tell.

We seek out the deeper beauty of a wedding day, whether it be the touch of a hand, a family’s inside joke, the cutest flower girl dancing when she thinks nobody is looking, or the groom’s reaction as the bride walks down the aisle.


Photography Services.

To make life easier (and more beautiful) for you, Barefeet collaborates with our sister company echowood photography, who have the same natural and down-to-earth approach as us. A team of best friends and family, wanting to give you the memories of a lifetime for the most sacred day of your life!

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Featured Wedding Videos.

Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some of our featured online trailers below. These trailers are a small glimpse into a wedding day, your package will include so much more…

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Meet Our Creative Team.

Life is such a beautiful thing. Connectedness, friendships, family, moments of celebration, light, love. At Barefeet, we are all connected, not only by friendships, DNA and history, but by our mutual love for life! We find such happiness in creating beautiful, timeless, joy-bringing films and photos. We love people and stories, we love working with hope. We believe that there is glory inside each and every person and we are driven by this truth and the pursuit of finding it in ourselves and you.


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“Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground” – God.